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About the service

During these times, when the existing situation forces us to introduce special procedures and event organisation is not possible, we must accept new challenges.

At the request of our clients and co-operation partners, we are offering an opportunity to technically organise not only remote virtual meetings, discussions or conferences, but also to provide simultaneous interpreting.

All of the involved parties are at their own locations, including the participants of events and speakers giving presentations, or discussion participants, as well as simultaneous interpreters.


Technical solution

We provide technical administration of the event on an online platform, as well as hire simultaneous interpreters.

This solution offers us a chance to organise important events remotely, while observing all the imposed instructions and regulations that apply to social distancing.

If this technical solution is suitable for you, please get in touch with us to find out whether we can implement your plans using our solutions.

Note to organisers: to provide the service successfully, one of the conditions is requesting the service in due time, so that we can carry out technical preparations for the event. Furthermore, we will be needing the contact information of all participants. (e-mail)

Please bear in mind that the overall quality of remote solutions also depends on the reliability of internet connection of the particular participant and the quality and performance of the used equipment (computers, headphones, microphones)


Event models

Various event models are possible.

Discussion panels and presentations for an audience. One or several speakers are possible.

During the speech, the presenter can demonstrate a prepared visual presentation.

It is technically possible to ensure simultaneous interpreting for up to 3 working languages at the same time.

Both the speakers and the audience can choose to receive simultaneous interpreting.

Important — all people involved are at their respective locations!

The involved persons at their respective locations must have a stable internet connection (preferably, wired connection), a computer, headphones and a microphone (you can use an integrated or external microphone).

All parties involved in the event receive an electronic invitation in an e-mail to take part in the event.

Follow instructions to join a specific event.

Please get in touch with us regarding service availability and costs.